Having been trained by the best in the brow business, Simone has proven her capacity to go beyond that training. Her exacting standards and attention to the smallest details have elevated her abilities--while refining and establishing herself as a rising professional in the brow industry. 

"My greatest passion is to bring a bit more beauty into the world with each brow I touch."

Owner, Master Brow Artist, Permanent Makeup Artist, Yumi Lash Lift & Long Mi Lash Extension Certified


Along with Simone's efforts, dedication and work ethic, she has been rewarded with a diverse, and loyal customer base of several hundreds of customers. Her clientele includes numerous television, sports and political personalities.    

"I approach, and do everything with an artistic eye"

Simone grew up in a creative family. Her mother (Shanna) is a Writer and her father (Albert) was a renowned Visual Artist. There was no other path for Simone to embrace except becoming an Artist. It's in her blood!

Simone is from San Diego, California and she attend Mesa College and San Diego City College to pursue a career in Cosmetology. After a few years as a Cosmetologist, Simone watched the movie, "Eat Pray Love". It gave her the motivation to change her destiny and in 2010 she moved to Washington D.C.. 

Simone began her future path by working as the Counter Manager and Brow Specialist for Anastasia of Beverly Hills in Nordstrom Pentagon City. For three years, Simone honed her craft and then ventured out on her own. She opened her business, Good Brows LLC and decided to expand her talents from Precision Brow Waxing to Permanent Makeup...more specifically, Powder Ombre Brows. Simone soon discovered this was inspiration she needed. With dedication and a positive work ethic, she embraced her joy and found her path. 

Simone Fennell has been in the Brow Business for over ten years. She is the CEO and Owner of Good Brows LLC and has distinguished herself in many different capacities such as Brow Artist, Cosmetologist, Permanent Makeup Artist, Designer, Art Teacher, Writer and Fine Artist.   

Simone is an artist

Nicky Posley 

Makeup Artistry Training

Yumi Lash Certified
LongMi Lash Certified
Elleebana Certified 

Lash Training

Leann La Fuzion Artistry
Daria Chupry
Chris Dauz Advanced Brow Design
Loany Seven Ink Beauty
Will Anthony Cosmetics

Advance Permanent Makeup Training 

Esthetic Institute- Permanent Makeup Certification

Counter Manager and Lead Brow Artist for Anastasia of Beverly Hills at Pentagon city Nordstrom ​

Career and Education

San Diego City College School of Cosmetology

Anastasia of Beverly Hills
Kelley Baker Brows
Melanie Marris

Advanced Brow Training

First Aid and CPR

Permanent Makeup License-The Commonwealth of Virginia

Cosmetology licenses-
California, District of Columbia &
The Commonwealth of Virginia 


March 2020

DC Magazine
The Scout Guide
Washington Football Team Sponsor 2019

Publications & Sponsorship


September 2020