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A note from Simone :


Why do we have a cancellation/ late policy?
How many of you have gone into a salon or spa and had to wait past your appointment time because your artist was running behind? We understand that you have lives outside of Good Brows and have places to be and things to do. We do our part in maintaining an on-time schedule so you are able to get in and out and be able to continue with your day. Also,it is imperative that we have enough time to clean and sanitize the work area in-between clients. We need your help to accomplish arriving on time, or within the grace period.

Booking reminders...
The first of the month is very important! The schedule opens at 7 am for the following month i.e (March 1st the schedule opens for April).
You can book online for waxing and tinting/ henna services. If you would like to book permanent makeup services please contact us at the salon. 

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