If you are a professional Brow Artist with a desire to expand your talents, look no further!

The Academy by Good Brows provides you with professional, multi-faceted, reliable information.

You will find a lot of different opinions and techniques to apply on your clients.

Even if you’re serving clients and hitting six-figures, giving your clients amazing brows that fit their bone structure and symmetry is not as effortless as you may think.

A comprehensive understanding of their skin, hair, and face is important to achieve the best results possible. 

Additionally, the energy and outstanding customer service you provide may define you as their irreplaceable artist. 

Truth is, generally, most brow artists and aestheticians don’t make it through to have a full practice earning more money with better results that keep customers coming back.

Unfortunately, many brow artists and aestheticians are unable to have a productive practice. Their business doesn't have a thriving, dedicated customer base which would ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

This means not running a true business, not serving clients as they deserve, and potentially exposing yourself to the possibility of going through nightmare situations for not having a deeper understanding of how to give professional brow service in an appropriate manner.

Supportive clients are the keys to business success. To prevent those nightmare situations when you are not properly prepared, always ensure you present yourself in an efficient, professional and welcoming manner and assess your client’s brows as they are coming to your area.

You want to learn how to give a professional brow service?

Googling away and learning from Youtube University is just keeping you stuck trying to figure it all out.

Most artists keep their secrets to themselves. 

They don’t want other people to copy them. And that keeps the newer artists overwhelmed, confused, frustrated of not knowing if they are doing the right thing to grow a successful brow artist business.

Join the academy

The complete course for brow artists, from “good” enough, to confident, knowledgeable, and profitable.

By good brows

The Academy


Imagine having a set of step-by-step techniques and tools to help you create stunning eyebrows, as well as providing an amazing experience for your clients in an efficient manner. With this course, you’ll be able to do just that!

You will learn the techniques and skills to run a successful brow artistry studio. You’ll get a plan that is complete and it will give you a backstage pass look into how I run my signature Good Brows service.

I have taken everything I have learned from my years of experience running my own studio, Good Brows. I appreciate and value the hundreds of dedicated clients who keep my wait-list filled year after year.

Become a master of your craft by learning from a true, reliable, and credible industry professional. 

Have an edge over other competitors through the invaluable information provided in this course.

The Academy is the course where you’ll learn how to do professional brow services in a safe manner — along with information on what products are needed, and how to effectively conduct client consultations.

Inside the course:

This module is designed for beginners as well as veteran hair professionals who need a refresher course and reminders on how essential cleanliness really is!

Sanitation and FAQs

Module 03

I’ll share with you my personal favorites, go-to's, and trusted tools I use every day so that you can arm yourself with the best. These tools will also be the ones that you see me using inside The Academy!

Introduction and preparation

Module 02

I’m here to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for success at The Academy.

Introduction and preparation

Module 01

My signature service — no secrets held back. I’ll show you the magic behind my successful process. From mapping the brows, sketch and fill, symmetry, fixing mistakes, client approval.

Good Brows Signature Service

Module 06

Understanding of the hair growth cycle to best serve your clients; plus important contraindications you might encounter so you can avoid clients that are not suitable for a treatment.

Contraindications and Hair Growth

Module 05

My personal credo for Standards of Practice and Professional Ethics. The practice of good ethics is essential to your reputation and the welfare of your clients. 


Module 04

This module is all about how we can work smarter and not harder on a personal level by remembering that our well being matters to stay at your best for ourselves and your clients.

Self Care

Module 09

I will show you how to market and build a successful brow brand.


Module 08

I am sharing with you my very own Post Treatment Client Instructions to achieve the best result.


Module 07

Imagine if you could finally...

Be confident that you are doing things right when it comes to creating the perfect powder eyebrows. 

Become an expert at shaping eyebrows like a pro so that you can offer your clients beautiful brows every day. 

Get trained by one of the best in the industry and get all of my secrets as well as exclusive content for members only. 

Join The Academy today and get…

Instant access to your account so you can start learning right away:

Supplies list
Sanitation best practices
How to successfully run a professional business
Contraindications and Hair growth
My Good Brows Signature Service (this module has a $2999 value alone!)
Aftercare to achieve the best client results
Business best practices I’ve learned throughout the years
Bonus: Self-Care module. Going over the science behind working smarter and not always harder. With your own well being in mind, and to stay at your best for yourself and your clients.

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One-time payment

the investment

You must be a Licensed Professional to enter The Academy. I.e Cosmetologist, Barber, Esthetician or Licensed waxer.

Looking for an in-person experience with free access to The Academy to learn how to build your 6-figure waxing business?

see the workshop

The Waxing Workshop is the best way to learn the perfect technique while getting access to the theory in The Good Brows Academy.

You don’t want to become a professional brow artist
You don’t want to put the time to learn
You feel like you already know everything there is to know about techniques 
You’re not interested in running a successful experience for your clients

Gain confidence boosting skills and insider tricks of the trade
Gain the skills and confidence to be a successful professional brow artist
Earn more money with better polished results that keep customers coming back
Get trained by one of the top eyebrow artists in the country

The Academy is NOT for you if:

The Academy is for you if you want to:

Who can take this course

Licensed Professionals i.e Cosmetologist, Barbers, Estheticians and Licensed Waxers. 

frequently asked questions

How much is the investment?

The Academy is a one-time fee of $600.

Are there any refunds?

I care about you and want YOU to succeed! Have any trouble? Just ask for help from me, it's my pleasure. Due to digital courses such as this one, refunds are unavailable - however if after reading/watching part of my course during the initial 14 days something is unclear please contact support with any questions so I can help make sure your investment pays off. 

How are the application lessons given?

There is a mix of text and videos. For application and hands-on lessons you will have a front row seat and backstage pass to the process. You will get to watch videos recorded exclusively for The Academy so you can see me in action and learn by seeing the real thing in progress.

How long do I get access to The Academy?

I want you to really put in the work and use every resource to the max. For this reason you will have immediate access to The Academy upon joining and enjoy 24-hour access for 90 days. If you need more time extensions will be available to add-on. But remember to take advantage of your initial 90 days and truly put in the time to learn. I promise you that this course has been distilled to the present the very essentials you need to up the level of your artistry to make it quick and actionable for you.

I have a friend who also wants to learn, can she join under my account?

I know you want to share your newfound knowledge with all of your friends, but please don't. I have spent years perfecting my techniques and have really worked hard on these lessons for our students - so if someone else wants their own account they must purchase it separately!

Having been trained by the best in the brow business, Simone has proven her capacity to go beyond that training. Her exacting standards and attention to the smallest details have elevated her abilities--while refining and establishing herself as a rising professional in the brow industry. 

Simone approaches each brow she touches with an exacting precision. She likes to say she has "Eyebrow OCD!"

Combined with her natural artistic abilities, Simone became an expert in the structure and symmetry of the human face while striving to give balance to each client's brow.

Meet your teacher:

Owner, Master Brow Artist, Permanent Makeup Artist, Yumi Lash Lift & Long Mi Lash Extension Certified


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