As the world adjusts to the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Good Brows is being 
guided by the recommendations of the CDC, WHO and other leading health organizations.
The health and safety of our personnel and valued customers is paramount. We have increased our fastidious, routine of cleaning and sanitizing, and incorporated additional, precautionary measures. These ensure that the salon, and high-touch areas, are as clean and sanitized as possible. 
The following are additional, new, Good Brow policies due to COVID-19:

Please do not bring anyone/guests to your appointment (this includes children).

Please reschedule your appointment if: (a) you are not feeling well, (b) have come into contact with someone not feeling well or who has covid-19, (c) had exposure to covid-19. 

Please wear a mask over your nose and mouth while in Good Brows.

You must use hand sanitizer when entering the salon. Good Brows has hand sanitizer available in the lobby. If you are coughing or appear to be sick, please reschedule your appointment. I will not be able to service you.  

If you cough or sneeze, please: (1) cover your mouth, (2) wash your hands or use hand sanitizer--which we have provided in the Good Brows lobby for you.

If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicle until your appointment time.

It is important to be on time for your appointment to (1) reduce the number of clients waiting in the salon, and (2) to allow adequate time so your service does not have to be rushed and we can properly clean in between clients. 

Here's the reasoning behind why Good Brows has a Cancellation and Late policy...

How many of you have gone into a salon or spa and had to wait past the start of your appointment time because your artist was running behind? We understand you have lives outside of Good Brows and have places to be and things to do. We maintain an on-time schedule so you are able to get in and out and continue on with your day. Additionally, it is imperative that we have enough time to clean and sanitize the work area in-between clients.

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Tweezing-waxing faq's

Late Arrivals - we offer a 10-minute grace period if you have an appointment that is 30 mins or more i.e. brow waxing, tweezing service. 
Powder brow service- we offer a 5 minute grace period. If you arrive after the grace period your appointment will be rescheduled for the next available appointment time and a $150 rescheduling fee will be accessed. 

If you are 10 minutes late for your brow waxing or tweezing appointment, this limits the available time for your service and Simone might not be able to complete the fill in portion of your service.

We offer a 3-minute grace period if your appointment is 20 minutes or less. (i.e.  tattoo brow wax, tint and henna). This is strictly enforced as these appointments
do not allow any extra "wiggle" room for late arrivals.

If you need to reschedule 24-hours before your appointment, please go to the confirmation link in your email or text, or you can call or text to the office number at 703-868-2183

We hate charging a cancellation/ late fee (which is 50% of the total services booked excluding Powder Brow services). Please contact us within 24 hours in advance of your appointment if you need to reschedule or cancel to avoid being charged the cancellation fee. Powder Brow services will be accessed a $150 fee.

Tweezing And Wax FAQ'S 
Tweezing and waxing may cause sensitivities, even in clients with no prior instances of sensitivities. If you have experienced sensitivity to scented cosmetics, tea tree oil or other topical treatment, it is important to inform your Brow Artist.
We recommend that you do not have the tweezing and/ or waxing services if you have any of the following scenarios:
If you have been or will be exposed to sun 24 hrs prior and/ or after waxing/ tweezing services.

If your are using ANY kind of Renova, AHA, Retin A, Differin or retinoid/retinol or acid-based product.

If you have a history of prior reactions to tweezing or waxing, or if you have allergies, diabetes, flat moles, phlebitis or fragile capillaries, as this may make you more sensitive to these procedures.
It is important that you do not undergo these services if you have inflammation, suspicious growth, active herpes, or using Accutane or related product. Professional peels, microdermabrasion or AHA products should be avoided 48 hrs before waxing. You may also be more sensitive to these services if you are pre-menstrual or taking antibiotics.

Avoid sun exposure for 24 hrs, abrasive products on treated areas, saunas, steam rooms, application of Retin A, Renova AHA products for 48 hrs.

Waxing services can cause irritation and sensitivity, even on clients who have never experienced any issues in the past. There are conditions that require your Brow Artist to take care or might require refusal to perform certain services on a particular client. Please inform your Brow Artist of any sensitivities, irritations or conditions that my affect your service. If you are pregnant, please consult your physician before undergoing services.

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